Timing Belt Puyallup


There are several automotive preventive maintenance procedures that you should never ignore if you want to enjoy maximum driving efficiency with minimal mechanical breakdowns from your vehicle. One of these is car timing belt replacement.

For most makes and models of automobiles, the average interval to replace timing belt is after every 60,000 – 90,000 miles. The belt wears out over this duration not only due to normal deterioration with aging, but also because of the impact of constant exposure to corrosive fluids and the very high engine temperature.

Neglecting scheduled timing belt replacement in your Puyallup, WA vehicle invariably results in a broken belt, which further leads to damage to engine components such as:

  • Crank bearings
  • Valves and pistons
  • Oil pump
  • Cylinder head

Why take chances with your vehicle when Lakewood Auto Body is nearby to meet your automotive maintenance needs? Schedule a visit to us when it is time to replace timing belt of your Puyallup vehicle.

Timing Belt Replacement Puyallup


Whether you own a high-end luxury sedan or drive an everyday budget car, make us the first and only stop for timing belt replacement services. This may be a routine maintenance job on the vehicle, but it is certainly not one to be taken lightly.

Do not even think of taking the DIY route, going to work on your vehicle while watching an online tutorial on ‘how to replace timing belt’. You might end up creating problems that cost much more to fix than what you were initially attempting to save!

Going to just any neighborhood mechanic for timing belt replacement on your Puyallup vehicle can also be a big mistake. Come to us to be sure of getting the job done:

  • Carefully
  • With precision
  • Safely, without any automotive damage

Replace Timing Belt Puyallup


At our auto repair facility that was set up in 1962, we have replaced the belts and hoses on countless vehicles of nearly all makes and models. The technicians we employ are I-Car and ASE certified professionals with vast on-the-job experience. You can trust us to replace timing belt in your Puyallup vehicle correctly the very first time.

Our family owned shop also ensures excellence in all other aspects of the job. We take care that:

  • Our staff behaves courteously
  • A top-quality new belt is installed
  • The cost to replace timing belt is affordable
  • Your job is completed ASAP

Lakewood Auto Body is the best place for timing belt replacement services in the Puyallup area. Call (253) 581-0220.