Timing Belt Fife


Want to get a worn timing belt changed in your Fife, WA vehicle? Lakewood Auto Body can help. We offer a multitude of services at our automotive repair shop that was established in 1962. Among many other jobs, we replace timing belts as part of standard scheduled maintenance services and also in emergency situations where the timing belt has already snapped.

A broken timing belt is something no Fife motorist would ever want to be burdened with. Breaking of the cambelt spells severe engine damage in your Fife vehicle. The outcome of this breakage can be destroyed pistons, valves, crank bearings, cylinder head, and oil pump.

You must visit us at the earliest convenience when you observe the following symptoms of a failing timing belt in your Fife vehicle:

  • Ticking in engine
  • Engine misfire
  • Oil leak
  • Engine not turning over

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Timing Belt Replacement Fife


Our mechanics are trained in making timing belt replacement in Fife vehicles of virtually all makes and models. Make us your first and only stop for timing belt replacement services in the Fife area, whether you drive an everyday budget car, a luxury sedan, or a commercial truck.

We can be trusted to complete timing belt replacement in your Fife vehicle and to do it right the first time. Our skilled technicians work with meticulous attention to detail while conducting timing belt replacement on your Fife vehicle. Visit us for seamless services like these:

  • Timing chain replacement
  • Cambelt replacement
  • Timing belt change
  • Timing chain change

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Replace Timing Belts Fife


Are you wondering why it is necessary to replace timing belts in Fife vehicles? Let us explain.

The timing chain is a critical part of the engine that helps it run efficiently and smoothly. Constant exposure to the extreme heat, harsh chemicals, and vibrations or friction within the engine results in its gradual wear.

People must replace timing belts in their Fife vehicles to keep the engine working correctly. Moreover, it is important to replace timing belts in Fife vehicles before they break and destroy other engine components.

We offer the services of our ASE-certified technicians to replace timing belts in Fife vehicles. You should come to us for the job. Reach out to us now to learn more about these concerns:

  • Effects of broken timing chain
  • Cambelt change time
  • New timing belt cost
  • Timing belt replacement cost

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