Spanaway Radiator Repair


You need to keep your vehicle in good working condition to ensure that you are safe behind the wheel. You should take note of any small changes that you might experience while driving your vehicle in Spanaway or nearby.

Get in touch with professionals at Lakewood Auto Body for great quality car radiator repair in Spanaway, WA. Being an efficient workshop offering services since 1962, we are well-versed with the working of all types of vehicles. Get car radiator repair from us when you experience any of the following in the Spanaway area:

  • Coolant leakage
  • Engine overheating
  • Discoloration and rusting
  • Low coolant level

We have trained and well-equipped staff that can handle any car repairs easily in the Spanaway area. They have access to the latest tools and equipment and are knowledgeable about the most advanced repair techniques.

Call Lakewood Auto Body at (253) 581-0220 when you are looking for an experienced car radiator repair shop serving Spanaway customers.

Spanaway Radiator


Getting timely repairs on your radiator can save you from having to get the engine repaired, which can be a time-consuming and expensive affair. You can get your car inspected by an experienced auto mechanic as soon as you sense a problem.

Rely on us to get the solutions for any car radiator problems. We are honest and reliable and wish to offer the best services to our customers at all times. Rely on us for affordable radiator repair as we never compromise on the following:

  • Our workmanship
  • Quality of spares
  • Techniques used
  • Timely engine work completion

We will let you know about the underlying issue after a thorough inspection. You can expect hassle-free services from us at all times.

Call Lakewood Auto Body at (253) 581-0220 when you seek efficient radiator repair in the Spanaway area.

Spanaway Car Radiator Repair


Efficiently and timely conducted repairs can help in saving the engine or preventing any other components from being damaged. You must choose a reliable and trustworthy workshop that has the reputation of excellent service in the Spanaway area.

Count on us for the best quality car radiator repair in Spanaway as we have catered to similar projects in the past for many car owners. As part of the repairs, we take care of the following:

  • Broken hoses
  • Worn out caps
  • Leaks
  • Water pump failure

Remember, the car has all the components that complement and support each other. Any problem with one component must be repaired to ensure a smooth running vehicle.

Call Lakewood Auto Body at (253) 581-0220 when you seek efficient car radiator repair in the Spanaway area.