Gig Harbor Radiator Repair


There is only one name that you can trust for top-notch car radiator repair services in the Gig Harbor, WA area – Lakewood Auto Body.

The radiator is a critical automotive component that performs a very vital function, that of preventing overheating of the engine. It pumps coolant around the engine pump to absorb its heat, which is then released into the atmosphere. If the radiator fails to do its job of bringing down the engine temperature properly, the vehicle can end up with severe engine damage.

Come immediately to our car radiator repair shop if your Gig Harbor vehicle shows symptoms of malfunctioning of its cooling system. At our family owned facility, you are assured of the most professional troubleshooting of your car radiator problems. We offer:

  • Honest advice
  • Focused, detail-oriented service
  • Effective and lasting repair solutions

Gig Harbor Radiator


We employ I-Car and ASE certified technicians. They know the cooling system of almost all vehicle makes and models inside-out. Make our facility your first stop for car radiator repair in the Gig Harbor area, whether you just suspect something is wrong with the cooling system or already have a cloud of steam coming out from under the hood.

No radiator malfunction is too difficult for our mechanics to fix, the common cooling system issues that they deal with include:

  • Defective thermostat
  • Leaky hoses
  • Failed water pump or fan
  • Air in the cooling system

We handle every large or small problem with equal seriousness and sincerity. We are also very particular about working ethically and not overselling our service. Our objective is to ensure that you pay a fair car radiator repair price and do not have to make repeated visits to us with the same problem.

Gig Harbor Car Radiator Repair


Our repair shop has been serving the local automotive industry since 1962. Our BBB accredited business has an A+ rating. The sustained success and excellent standing of our facility are testament to its world-class capabilities.

In addition to investing in a highly skilled crew, we maintain state-of-the-art automotive tools and technologies to help our technicians deliver seamless services. We place a high premium on quality – of workmanship as well as customer service.

Our car radiator repair jobs for Gig Harbor residents are done:

  • Without irritating, inconvenient runarounds
  • Using top-grade replacement parts
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty

When it comes to car radiator repair, Gig Harbor residents can simply call Lakewood Auto Body. Call (253) 581-0220 to schedule an appointment.