DuPont Radiator Repair


Driving your car with a defective radiator is an invitation to trouble. This automotive component performs a critical function, that of keeping the engine cool and preventing it from overheating. It is important that you get radiator repair in your DuPont, WA vehicle done without any further delay. Or else you could soon be burdened with serious engine damage and stranded in DuPont or elsewhere.

At Lakewood Auto Body, we suggest that vehicle owners/drivers in the DuPont area come to us for car radiator repair at the earliest signs of malfunction. The key signs of a bad or failing radiator include:

  • Unexplained low level of coolant
  • Puddles from leaking coolant
  • Constant overheating of vehicle
  • Problem in shifting gears
  • Inefficient working of cabin heater of car

Lose no time in calling (253) 581-0220 to schedule a visit to Lakewood Auto Body if you suspect cooling system issues in your vehicle. We are one of the best sources for car radiator repair services for DuPont residents.

DuPont Radiator


Though virtually all drivers know that the radiator is an essential part of the cooling system of the vehicle, not many of them know how it actually works and what all can go wrong with it. We take this opportunity to educate motorists.

Here are the most common car radiator problems that hamper the functioning of the cooling system of any vehicle:

  • Leaking hoses
  • Rusty body
  • Damaged fan
  • Buildup of mineral deposits, debris, other residue
  • Insufficient coolant

The well-trained mechanics employed by our radiator shop in the DuPont area are experienced at fixing the above-mentioned issues and more. You can count on Lakewood Auto Body for seamless and lasting solutions to fix any big or small defect in the radiator of your DuPont vehicle. Call (253) 581-0220 now!

DuPont Car Radiator Repair


The choice of a car radiator repair shop by DuPont residents who are experiencing cooling system issues can have a big impact on the performance of their vehicle in the future. That is why making a hasty or careless decision is not advisable.

Ensure your peace of mind and protect your investment by coming to us in the DuPont area for the necessary repairs. With us, you can be sure of paying a fair and affordable car radiator repair price while getting the job done:

  • By ASE certified technicians
  • With keen attention to radiator detail
  • Using high-grade replacement parts
  • At a quick pace in our radiator shop
  • Without runarounds on your radiator service

Let Lakewood Auto Body to take care of all your needs for car radiator repair in the DuPont area. Call (253) 581-0220.