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Car Painting Puyallup - Truck Painting PuyallupLakewood Auto Body is a company that dedicates itself to knowing everything about car mechanics and the ways in which cars can be fixed. A number of vehicle parts are vital to the car’s movement and any damage to them can create trouble for you.

One such part is the head gasket, which is designed to reduce any damage that is caused by the heating of the engine.

Head gasket repair is usually needed when the system that dissipates the heat of the engine gets spoilt and the engine begins to heat up.

An overheated engine can be very dangerous to a driver, and thus head gasket repair should be carried out regularly to prevent your vehicle from stalling on a regular basis.

Head Gasket Replacement in Lakewood • Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

Many times repair is not a viable option and head gasket replacement is the only way in which the problem can be handled. To identify the need for head gasket replacement, the following are the tell-tale signs:

  • Increased running temperature of the vehicle
  • Smoke leaving the exhaust pipe when starting up
  • More need for antifreeze or water
  • Temperature gauge on the maximum

An overheated car can cause a lot of problems and must be repaired immediately.

The reason you should look for professionals to carry out head gasket repair is that they will be able to handle this expensive job in a much better manner.

Why Choose Us for Head Gasket Replacement or Repair in Lakewood?

There may be a number of options for head gasket repair in Lakewood. However, choosing a professional company like Lakewood Auto Body will be the most beneficial for you because:

  • Extensive experience in head gasket repair for over 50 years
  • Customer friendly services
  • Life time warranty on all jobs
  • Certified technicians for all head gasket replacement jobs

With this wonderful mix of experience, customer satisfaction and dedication to doing the job well, our customers get the finest services. This has enabled us to win the hearts of our clients.

If you are on the lookout for head gasket repair or head gasket replacement services in the Lakewood area, then pick up your phone right now and give us a call at 253.581.0220.