Differential Repair Spanaway


Are you looking for an automotive facility that is reputed for delivering seamless rear differential repair services in the Spanaway, WA area? Let the search stop at Lakewood Auto Body.

The differential is a critically important automotive component. Its function is to control the speed variation of rotation of inner and outer tires when the vehicle turns around a bend in the road. Obviously, differential malfunctioning is a serious problem that leads the vehicle to losing its:

  • Stability
  • Maneuverability
  • Safety
  • Reliability

You must get front or rear differential repair in your Spanaway vehicle scheduled as soon as you realize that there is a problem. Putting off the repairs to a later date can cost you. It is better to be safe than sorry. Call us today if your vehicle seems to be encountering differential issues.

Let us conduct an inspection and determine if repairs are required.

Rear Differential Repair Spanaway


All vehicles do not have similar type or number of differentials. Some have a transaxle in the front end; it works as both differential and transmission. Some automobiles have front as well as rear differentials and others run with a rear differential.

We specialize in handling rear differential repair jobs. Lose no time in booking a visit to our facility if your vehicle is exhibiting symptoms like rear differential noise, drive shaft vibrations, differential fluid leak, premature wearing of inner tires and difficulty in handling the vehicle.

The rear differential repair on your Spanaway vehicle is carried out with the diligence that the job deserves. We entrust it to technicians with:

  • In-depth automotive knowledge
  • I-Car and ASE certifications
  • Vast experience in resolving differential problems
  • Focus on providing lasting rear differential repair solutions

Rear Differential Noise Spanaway


Rear differential noise in a Spanaway vehicle can occur in several situations. To the trained ear, its type and location can indicate what the underlying problem is.

You would do well to come to us when rear differential noise starts coming from your automobile. We are one of the leading and longest-standing rear differential repair shops near you.

Our mechanics work hard and make sure that the rear differential noise is:

  • Investigated patiently and thoroughly
  • Traced correctly to the root cause
  • Eliminated by fixing the issue that created it

Are you hearing rear differential noise from your Spanaway vehicle? Let the expert mechanics at Lakewood Auto Body see what is wrong. Call (253) 581-0220 to schedule a visit to our facility.