Differential Repair South Hill


Proper working of the differential is crucial to the performance and smooth running of your vehicle. It has the important task of controlling the speed variation when the vehicle is turned. The working of the differential in the right manner ensures that the inner tires rotate slower than the outer ones when turns are taken.

Get in touch with the experts at Lakewood Auto Body for services for rear differential repair in South Hill, WA. Being an expert in automotive services, we provide the following rear differential repair services for South Hill residents:

  • Change of fluid
  • Gasket replacement
  • Gears and bearing replacement

There are various factors that add to rear differential repair costs. Rely on us for offering affordable pricing and exquisite services enabling your vehicle to run smoothly.

Rear Differential Repair South Hill


Rear differential repair usually involves fluid change as over time, the fluid gets gummy and does not lubricate the components as required. If the problem is ignored, poor lubrication can lead to the gears getting worn out.

Rely on us for rear differential repair services in South Hill. We are automotive experts that can handle all issues related to the differential. Signs that you need rear differential repair include:

  • Rear differential noise
  • Differential oil leaks
  • Difficult vehicle handling

Continued ignorance of the problem can lead to vibrations felt when the vehicle is accelerated. Let our technicians examine your vehicle when you face any of the following problems.

Rear Differential Noise South Hill


Rear differential noise is the first indicator that there is some problem with the differential. Bad rear differential causes the tires to get worn out quickly. Therefore, repairing the differential is essential to ensure that you do not have to spend extra on tires.

Get your vehicle to us when your car consistently makes rear differential noise in South Hill. Our trained and skilled technicians will use the latest tools and techniques for dealing with the rear differential noise. Trust our mechanics for the following services:

  • Use of high quality materials
  • Thorough diagnostics
  • Completion of work in time

After making the repairs and changing the differential fluid, our mechanics will again check for the rear differential noise and give the green signal only when everything is fine.

Can you still hear rear differential noise from your vehicle in South Hill? Get your vehicle to us at Lakewood Auto Body. Call us at (253) 581-0220.