Midland Brake Repair


Lakewood Auto Body is a popular name among car owners looking for professional collision repair or brake repair service around Midland, WA. In operation since 1962, we are a highly rated brake repair shop in the Midland area and we can fix almost all types of brakes with ease.

With our years of experience in this field, we know the complexities of the work and check brakes closely before handing over the vehicle after repair. Our professionals also guide users about maintenance of brakes, as it is one of the most important parts of the vehicle.

We know a little negligence can be a huge problem. Whether it is the rotor, drums or pads of the braking system, we can repair and replace all. Do not delay if you find slightest problems while driving.

We are a leading name in the area and have:

  • Many years of experience
  • Detailed knowledge of car brakes
  • Expert supervision

Looking for a reliable brake repair service? We are the one.

Midland Brake Repair Shop


As one of the most popular brake repair shops around Midland, we know how to handle the brake system of almost every popular vehicle in the country. Whether you are using a hatchback or a driving a sedan, we are your one-stop brake repair shop.

As an experienced repair service, we recommend clients inspect their braking system at regular intervals, not only for safety concerns but also to enhance the longevity of a vehicle. A poorly maintained braking system can impact the overall performance of the car.

When you visit our brake repair shop, you can expect:

  • Availability of required brake parts
  • Complete braking system maintenance
  • Faster delivery of your vehicle

For more information, call us.

Midland Auto Brake Repair


Car maintenance can be expensive. For affordable auto brake repair around Midland, visit us. Our auto brake repair service is reasonably priced and easily fits in your budget. Though we are known as an auto brake repair service, we offer a host of other car repair services.

Just let us know about the problem and experts from our auto brake repair service will take care of the rest. The list of our popular services includes:

  • Auto painting
  • Engine repairing
  • Scratch and dent repairing

To know about our job quality, read our testimonials.

Are you looking for a brake repair shop around Midland? Hire the auto brake repair experts at Lakewood Auto Body. To schedule an appointment, call us at (253) 581-0220.