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Auto Painting - Auto Body Painting - Car PaintingAt Lakewood Auto Body, we offer a free complimentary auto detailing with every auto body repair job that we do. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your car into us for a hand wash car detail if you need one. It can be very convenient if you are bringing your car in for some mechanical repair or maybe a tire alignment.

We not only hand wash the entire exterior, but we vacuum out the inside and can even arrange your belongings as well.

Our auto detailing service is vital to those who have just gotten an auto body repair or a new custom paint job from us. Many auto body shops don’t even warn you that if you use machinery to wash your car, try and buff or wax it, or use certain chemicals on it too early, you can ruin the clear coat that protects your new car paint job. It’s possible that other shops don’t bother to tell you this because they don’t honor lifetime warrantees or satisfaction guarantees, or maybe just because they don’t have the experience that our technicians do. But at Lakewood Auto Body, our service doesn’t just end when you leave our shop. It goes with you for life!

Car Detail Tacoma • Auto Detail Tacoma

Auto Painting Tacoma - Auto Body Painting Tacoma - Car Painting Tacoma
  • Professional Hand Wash Auto Detailing
  • Free Car Detail With Every Auto Body Repair We Do
  • Expert Instruction In Caring For Your New Auto Paint
  • Interior Vacuum and Organize

Our free car detail is designed to give your car that brand new feel and smell, while ensuring that your new auto body paint is protected. We always recommend to everyone that they wait for 90 days after they have their car painted to actually start using wax or taking it to the car wash.

This ensures that your clear coat will have the time that it needs to cure and harden properly.

So no matter if you are taking advantage of our free auto detailing after you have gotten your auto body repair done through us, or you are purchasing a car detail to save time and money elsewhere, you can rest assured that we will conduct your auto detailing like we do any of our other services; with your 100% satisfaction in mind.

When it comes to auto detailing, don’t settle for soapy water and scout troops, take your car to the professional that wont let you leave with a second rate auto detail. Call Lakewood Auto Body today!