Customer Testimonials

It's 0545 and I am driving my wife to the transit station for work. Pothole. Flat. Wife's walking the rest of the way. Luckily I am a man! I have my spare and my jack and my jack handle but...wait... where is my lugwrench? Luckily I had pulled into the parking lot of Lakwood Auto Body and a very nice and kind man named Rod, not dressed for this kind of stuff, has my pyjama wearing self inside the baydoors and changed my tire for me. Just because they are obviously that kind of operation. Thanks LAB!

Zachariah L.
Lakewood, WA

No Rants Just Raves by dvsfmly - 06/07/2009

I was in a car accident last week, I had my vehical towed to this company. Now let me explain. I was pretty shaken up and I walked into the office and the receptionist was on top of the situation. The boss Rod, he was very courtious. He explained to me if I had any questions at ANY time to call him. Now my insurance I am going through isnt the best in communicating, but finally called me back to tellme my vehical is damaged too much to be repaired. Great. I called Rod and told him and he asked if I had any questions. I asked "where do I go from here?" He told me the list of things the insurance company will do and again, if I have any questions please call him. He will walk me through this... Really? You would think the insurance company would do the same! Great place, with great people!

Great Service and great job by Patrick H. at InsiderPages

I had my car repaired at this shop after someone kicked in a part of my car. They were very nice to me and did a really great job on fixing my car. When it turned out that they had to keep my car longer than originally stated they called me promptly and told me about it. The work done on my car was great, you couldnt tell where the damage had been. They were very professional in their work and treatment of customers.