Auto Body Frame Repair for Lakewood Vehicles

bonney lake auto paintingThe frame of a vehicle is the main component of the chassis to which all other components are fastened to. This makes it important to maintain, as its efficiency will reflect on the overall working of the vehicle.

Lakewood Auto Body repair shop provides auto frame repair that ensures that the frame of the automotive is always in the best shape.

By providing services to the residents of Lakewood for over 5 decades, our extensive experience in car frame repair has enabled cars to be well taken care of.

Perfection in auto body frame repair is what we look for, and each of our staff is well qualified to provide you just that.

Combine a healthy work habit with the latest automotive technology that we posses and you have got yourself the best auto body frame repair company that you can find.

Auto Frame Repair Shop Serving Lakewood Residents

We at Lakewood Auto Body repair provide you with a complete and well rounded auto frame repair experience. The services that we provide include:

  • Mechanical repair shop
  • Auto paint shop
  • Auto body frame repair shop


Any rust in the chassis or damage to the frame of the vehicle can create quite a lot of trouble for a vehicle owner. We provide paint jobs and repair services that will alleviate your troubles.

With a long era of providing car frame repair services to Lakewood residents, we have become number one in the market for the following reasons:

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Expertise in handling car frame repair
  • Lifetime warranty for any job done by us
  • Customer convenience
  • Honesty and strong work ethics


With a strong base in the repair business and auto paint, we are known to make customers for life with the amazing auto frame repair services we provide.

Car Frame Repair for Damage from Lakewood Collisions

Cars can suffer from damage due innumerable reasons, but it is always best to handle it as soon as possible. Auto body frame repair is best carried out immediately to prevent the problem from getting all the more serious.

If you are in need of car frame repair, then come on over to our store or give us a call at 253.581.0220 and have one of our experts come over to your place to help take care of your troubles.